Welcome To The Beauty Of Everyday Life

the beauty of everyday life from adrian millar on Vimeo.

I am passionate about the beauty of everyday life.

The way you get in touch with the beauty of your everyday life is  by getting in touch with your story.

This is the story of your day-to-day relationships.

It’s the story of how loved and loving you are.

The way to enter this story is by noticing (i.e. sensing and feeling), naming, savouring and sharing the beauty of your everyday experience – the events and conversations that make up a typical day: a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, memories, the simplest of exchanges, laughter.

When you share this beautiful story with others, it becomes the bed-rock of your life, and thus a story that gets you through in hard times as well as in good.

The books and the blogs on this site will help you get in touch with the beauty of your everyday life. Click on On Beauty and Beauty Tips on the main menu bar above for more information on how to do this.

Don’t forget – notice, name, savour, share!